Our Story

We joined together to provide an incredible service.

Valet, originally WP Valet, was born from the need to provide quality ongoing WordPress support. Our founders Mason James & Kim Lipari realized there was no company offering the caliber of support they wanted to give clients. After a website is launched, who’s taking care of it? Valet was formed to provide ongoing site care & quickly acquired a list of clients.

Our support clients were happy, so they started asking for more development. To provide strategy, design and custom development, Easily Amused Inc. joined with the WP Valet in 2013. Valet now employs a vast array of services, ranging from digital strategy, migrations, maintenance and support to custom design and development.

Our Culture

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Our Standard

  • Leadership

    We are a team of leaders. Every member of our team is proactive and engages in delivering products and service we stand behind. From management, to developer, to creative, each person can speak thoughtfully to their portion of any project and takes the initiative to provide best-in class service to our clients.

  • Integrity

    We consistently deliver on our word. We bring the highest levels of honesty and authenticity to every interaction. Integrity fosters healthy communication, proper expectations, and loyalty that ultimately creates long-term, meaningful success for our clients and for ourselves.

  • Excellence

    We provide world-class results using the best approaches for each specific client. We listen and engage, surpassing client expectations, to identify and fulfill expressed and unexpressed wishes and needs. We understand the importance of meeting your goals in their entirety.

  • Humility

    We recognize that the world of technology and strategies for success are continually changing. To adapt we maintain a posture of learning – both from our own experience and others. We balance confidence in tried and true practices with the desire to grow and improve and help our clients do the same.

  • Tenacity

    We are committed to results. We take on the most difficult and complex tasks and do not rest until the solution is developed and executed properly.

Our People