Next week, part of Valet team will be at the PressNomics 2016 conference in Phoenix. It’s March 3-4th—with a golfing or botanical gardens day on the 5th. We’re excited to be attending (and sponsoring) this awesome conference.

If you’ve never heard of PressNomics, it’s a terrific conference for the minds that power the WordPress Economy. It’s a 3 day event with some of the best education sessions of the year for WordPress, and the networking between sessions is not to be missed. There’s plenty of time to collaborate, relax, and just learn from each other. In fact, one of our favorite things about these conferences is the time we get to spend hanging out between the sessions with folks who inspire us.

Curious who’s going this year? Take a peek at the PressNomics attendee list. This diverse group is passionate and leading the way in the WordPress Economy today. (Thank you Pagely team, for generously hosting it.)

Five Reasons We Love the PressNomics 2016 Conference:

  1. Build WordPress Skills— the conference features valuable talks with highly educational content.
  2. Hanging out with like-minded folks who inspire us, from all over the country.
  3. Work opportunities & the unique entrepreneur focus of the event.
  4. It supports the WordPress community.
  5. We’re all staying at the same hotel, so the atmosphere is relaxed & travel is easy.

Tickets are sold out, but take a peek at the schedule and see if you’d like to make it a goal to attend next year. We definitely recommend it as one of your top picks for a conference not to miss.

If you’re attending, please come up to the Valet table and meet our team! You’ll see our familiar faces and we’ll have some great swag giveaways for you too.