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Preventative Care & Your Site

Everyone’s talking about preventative health care. The WP Valet is preventative care for your website. Here’s an example of how we’re helping clients keep healthy.

Recently, we noticed a broken slider on our client’s website—small issue, and we took a deeper look. We found vulnerabilities that appeared small, but turned out to be a big deal. Anytime we investigate an issue, we look at all aspects of your site’s functionality. We fixed the vulnerability for our clients’ sites.

This week, a blog post went up from Sucuri about the security vulnerability we had noticed. Hackers from Russia took advantage of this vulnerability, and 100,000+ websites were open to attack. Our development team patched this bug three weeks ago, and our clients’ sites were  safe.

Our clients don’t need to worry, because we’re fixing problems before the rest of the world knows they exist. A skilled doctor with years of experience will look beyond simple symptoms. Similarly, our developers are skilled in many areas of technology and diligently work to keep your site safe. Our team intimately understands security, performance, optimization, and how to look for deeper issues. We carefully review your code and immediately patch anything concerning.

Often, we’ll email a client when their site goes down—before they notice. And we’ll email them again to inform them we’ve fixed it—again before they notice. Our job is to identify and fix problems before anyone is aware they exist.

Driving without a seatbelt is risky. If you wreck, consequences are bad. It’s the nature of the Internet that threats and crashes will occur. Hire a skilled team, and you’ll be a defensive driver—ready if anything goes wrong.

What to look for in a skilled support team:

  • They look at the big picture of your site.
  • They are comprehensive & multi-faceted in their skills.
  • They are pre-emptive in fixing issues.

Do you want a personal bodyguard for your site? Drop us a line.


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