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We’re a digital partner for the modern day website.

Gone are the days where just having a website is enough. You must be mobile, visible, and competitive. Along with that added stress comes the day to day of running and protecting your software and trying to get the best ROI on your website, all while staying targeted on your business goals.

Valet understands the unique challenges faced by professional website owners. We’re here to bridge the gap between all the sources that feed into your online presence. We’re all about giving you a single, reliable, intelligent source for help and infrastructure.


Our Plans

  • Personal Plan

     Our answer to the prepacked ‘maintenance plans’ on the market. This should be your bare minimum.


    • Custom Theme/Plugin
    • Current Best Practices
    • Optimization
    • App Development
    • API Integrations
  • Professional Plan

    Perfect for growing businesses driven by high content publication rates

    Minimum for serious ECommerce or Membership websites

    • Quarterly Calls
    • 3rd Party Support
    • Hosting
    • Daily Malware Scans
    • Performance & Site Health Audit
    • Hosting
    • Version Controlled Codebase
  • Business Plan

    Best starting point for established ECommerce and Membership websites

    Incredible value alternative for companies looking to supplement Marketing and IT without hiring in-house

    • Visual Regression Testing
    • Monthly Calls
    • Slack Channel*
    • Account Rep
    • Priority Support
    • Hosting
    • Version Controlled Codebase

Our Capabilites

We provide what matters to you with integrity and confidence.

1. Site Managment

We handle all of the crucial behind the scenes work while giving you access to our team of experienced WordPress Valets for advice or technical help. From Backups to Troubleshooting we have it covered.

2. Audit

No two sites are the same. Being able to see where you've been and comparing that to where you want to go helps us create a roadmap for you that delivers.

3. Development

Our Development Team is experienced and seasoned. From small one-time projects to larger scale sprints, we've got it covered.

4. Strategy & Digital ROI

We assist you in finding, collecting, interpreting, and actioning on data. We help you to navigate the digital landscape that connects you to the users that matter most.

5. Migrations

We can help choose the best hosting provider for your site and move your site seamlessly. Multisite, large-scale transitions, or simply host to host.

Happy Clients

John Dusek
Mike Brannan Centric Consulting
Adam Warner Mixergy
Cassandra Skoufalos, InStyle Magazine Media Upstarts website for Time Inc.
Rebecca Churt OpenView Partners
Nico Secunda Video Membership & Redesign for Shamanism

“Centric has been working with Valet for the past few years and just completed a large project that required a significant amount of custom development work and WordPress expertise. The end result exceeded our expectations. When we need them, Valet is there to help and to do the job well. That peace of mind is hard to come by. Thank you!”

- Mike Brannan, Centric Consulting

“Valet is like my CFO and Tech Department. If anything breaks on my site, or if I have an idea for something new to add to it, all I have to do is email the team and they make it work.”

- Adam Warner, Mixergy

Valet was wonderful to work with in creating the Media Upstarts website for Time Inc. From the start of our campaign, every member of their team treated each step of the process with the utmost professionalism, dedication and excitement. Valet has a unique vision to their work and brings an invigorating creative lens that helped shaped the Media Upstarts website to function and look the best it can. I look forward to working with Valet again in the future!

- Cassandra Skoufalos, InStyle Magazine, Media Upstarts website for Time Inc.

“I was pleasantly surprised by what you guys gave us. I have received audits done by vendors in the past and they were always sub-par, but you guys really surpassed all expectations. Well done!”

- Rebecca Churt, OpenView Partners

I truly appreciate the great work everyone put into this project & the amazing way it flowed so smoothly. I’m extremely happy with everything, and I look forward to continuing to work with all. Once again, thank you. You’re an amazing, kind & extremely capable team. It’s refreshing to work with such a great crew, and it’s a pleasure to know each of you.

- Nico Secunda, Video Membership & Redesign for Shamanism

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