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How to Share Google Analytics Data with Others

Why Share your Google Analytics?

There are a number of reasons why you would want to share your Google Analytics data with someone else.

SEO Auditing

If you’ve hired a 3rd party company or individual search analyst, one of the first things they’ll ask for are details on the current statistics of your website. By analyzing this data, they will be able to view some baseline metrics in order to provide you with a comprehensive strategy later on in their auditing process.

Client Reporting

Full service web development and marketing agencies often setup individual client sites under their own accounts to service the “hands-off” requests that many business owners prefer. By sharing this data with their clients, they can setup custom monthly reports to be displayed specifically for any given client.

Proof of Traffic for a Pending Sale

Perhaps you’re an avid web developer and Internet marketer who creates sites for the sole purpose of selling that business later on. By utilizing the user sharing capabilities of Google Analytics, you can easily provide proof of traffic (and conversions) to your potential buyers.

How to Share your Analytics with Other Users

Luckily, Google makes it simple to share the Analytics of any individual website property you are tracking. However, sometimes it’s not exactly clear just how to get started so let’s go through it step-by-step below.

Step One:

Log into your Google Analytics account and find the website property for which you need to share the Analytics data. Click on that website property name.

Step Two:

Look at the upper right of your screen for the Admin button and click that.

Admin Button in Google Analytics

Admin Button in Google Analytics

Step Three:

After clicking Admin, you will see a panel on your left with a dropdown to choose your grouping of sites (if you have multiple).

In the middle panel, you can choose the specific site property from the dropdown.

Choose the property you want and then click User Management as seen in the image below.

Analytics Sites and Properties Settings

Analytics Sites and Properties Settings

Step Four:

You will now see the list of user emails that currently have some type of access to this Google Analytics property. In the case of the image below, you can see that I have shared this particular property with a total of three users.

Underneath that list you will see a section named Add permissions for:

Enter the email of the person you wish to have access to the Analytics for this property. Then choose the access level you wish them to have from the dropdown menu on the right.

Add Users to an Analytics Property

Add Users to an Analytics Property

You can also choose to send that new user an email notifying them that they now have access to view the Analytics for your website property.

This user will now be able to view your Analytics directly from within their own Google Analytics account.


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