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Allie Dye

Social Media & Web

Allie grew up between continents and is bi-lingual, even certified as an ESL teacher. Languages are a passion that has branched out into all of her endeavors.  

She was previously the writer, editor in chief, and social media manager of a leading technology blog. 

At Valet, Allie’s role is Project Manager and also does Social Media Management. She loves connecting with people and making the internet a more human place.

When she’s not doing any of the above, you’ll find her reading, doing photography, and trying to keep her kitten from drinking out of her cup of tea.

Josh Shashaty



Josh went to college for Finance, graduated, and spent 3+ years at a financial firm. He decided to circle back to his early love of web, and he began his journey to professional web development. Now a battle-tested professional at WordPress, PHP, Git, Javascript, creating custom features, clean code, integrating services, and consulting with clients, Josh continually works to future-proof all solutions we provide.

When not behind his Linux machine you’ll find Josh at Disney World or his local CrossFit box. If you listen carefully you can hear him yelling at the TV when the Miami Dolphins lose. His dog Rocco and wife Maria deal graciously with his DIY home improvement projects.

Eric Dye



Eric has been wrangling websites since the late 90’s, and first met WordPress in 2009. With over 20 years of multimedia experience, he has a passion for bringing ideas to life by helping people communicate through online mediums. Eric loves interacting with clients and is continuously refining how we can improve our communication game.

Eric and his family have only recently returned to the United States, having lived in Italy for seven wonderful years. He loves his family, coffee, spicy food, more coffee, and if you don’t find him sitting at his computer enjoying his work, you’ll find him sitting at his computer enjoying PC games.

Milan Ivanovic



Milan brings 10+ years of experience with WordPress to the Valet team.  He has done work ranging from Front End to Product work, working as a freelancer and for large agencies like GoDaddy.  Milan handles development work and all of the migrations at Valet. 

Milan is by far the most famous of all the Valet team. When he is not tackling client problems he’s likely still doing more WordPress work in his own time. He’s a long time organizer for WordCamp Europe (which is the largest WordPress event on the planet – but who’s counting?) and he recently received an award as one of the top 50 influencers in developing of IT communities in Serbia. He’s the world’s greatest Funcle and has the best gif skills on the team.

Milos Milosevic



Before Milos decided to switch full time to the web industry he spent his time working at the Ministry of Energy. Leveraging the management and procedural skills he gained there served him well as he grew his experience and visibility in the WordPress space. Milos actively participates in community events across Europe. His approach to Client Success is thoughtful and deliberate.

When Milos is not busy being excellent at helping our clients you can find him dusting off his huge collection of space paraphernalia. He’s an avid fan of the original Star Wars and bought his first boat before he bought his first car. He’s also a fantastic DJ.

Daisy Olsen



Daisy keeps everything ticking on the development side of Valet. She has a rich and deep skillset that was honed while managing and participating in development projects for over 8 years with a large content and digital marketing company. Daisy also helps to organize the team’s internal data structures and workflows. 

In her spare time, you’ll find Daisy listening to good live music and hanging out with her family. They love to travel and will spend many weeks throughout the year visiting different places in their RV. Daisy enjoys speaking in the WordPress community. She likes to kit and organize anything she can get her hands on.

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