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Kimberly Lipari

CEO, CoFounder

Location: Louisiana, USA

Prior to starting in the web world, Kimberly was entrenched in Survey and Engineering work. Her transition to the interwebs brought her into the WordPress community through a variety of roles from product support to community speaker. She helped to develop the structural foundation of the company and assumed the CEO role in 2018.  Kimberly drives the direction of Valet and says her job is to “facilitate the team to do what they all do best.”

Outside of work you’ll likely find her in her southern roots, literally. She really digs gardening and any other outdoor activities she can enjoy with her 3 daughters, her husband, and their Rhodesian Ridgeback. She especially enjoys traveling and exploring new places full of culture. In her downtime, she’s continuing her Yoga teacher training or sneaking in a good book.

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