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Starting Your WordPress Business – A Discussion with Mason James

Our very own Mason James was recently a guest on the WordPress Developers Hangout hosted by Mario Peshev of Among other things, Mason discusses his experience starting his own WordPress business.

Mario Peshev – WordPress Developer and Community Builder

Mario is an experienced WordPress developer and has contributed many patches to the core software. He’s also a leader in the European WordPress community, specifically Bulgaria. Take a few minutes to listen to Mario and Mason talk WordPress.

Some things you’ll learn:

  • Mason’s history with WordPress
  • His experience with WPMUDEV and how he managed a large support team
  • How supporting users is the same as providing education (or should be)
  • How his experience lead him to build WP Valet and why

Starting a WordPress Business Takeaways

There are some great takeaways that Mason provides in regard to starting a WordPress business. Many of us in the WordPress development, design, or product world all started our businesses while doing something else as our main source of revenue. It can be difficult to juggle for sure, but the benefits of transitioning your revenue source to a business that you own and operate are limitless.

One very important point he makes is the focus on repeat business as opposed to “one off” projects. Even if you’re completing a simple 5 page brochure-type site, it’s inevitable that your client will come back to you with additional requests (assuming you’ve done a great job in the first place), and if you don’t have business process in place for these follow requests, your existing client can end up waiting on your schedule and you can lose revenue.

Having a monthly WordPress maintenance plan or some other add on benefit available to your clients is a simple way to ensure repeated revenue for your business.

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