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The Biggest Mistake Startup Businesses Make

We all make mistakes. Mistakes are actually a good thing as it teaches us what not to do, if we’re willing to learn.

As Thomas Edison famously said about the time it took him to invent the lightbulb:

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

That’s something to keep in mind to keep you from getting discouraged if you make a mistake in your business.

Of course some mistakes are bigger than others, but it’s what you do with those mistakes that positions your business for failure or success.

The Biggest Mistake Startup Businesses

One of the most common mistakes we see businesses making from the very start is having a less-than-ideal backend structure.

This includes (but is not limited to) these items:

  • Website hosting
  • Chosen software platform
  • The quality and purpose of the design applied to their websites
  • Quality of organizational structure (like pages, categories, and blog posts)
  • The integration of 3rd party services and related scripts and code
  • Their chosen social network setup and management

It’s Nobody’s Fault

If you or someone you know has taken the initiative to start your own business, you are definitely ahead of a large section of the population.

You are taking your future into your own hands and you deserve credit and congratulations!

No one is an expert at everything and if you try to be, you’ll just end up spinning your wheels on minutia and lose the laser focus you should have on building a solid and lasting business.

Often when Entrepreneurs like you have an idea, they start searching for out-of-the box solutions that will enable them to build the business they envision. There are some great tools out available like WordPress that allow you to do incredible things, all for free.

However, as we often see happen when working with clients is that the solutions they’re using are only solving part of the problem. It’s like fitting a square peg into a round hole, and this happens because it was faster to “just get it working” rather than invest in a custom end-to-end solution.

Again, this is no one’s fault. It’s part of the DNA of an Entrepreneur. We want things working now rather than later.

The Best Solution for Long Term Success

What we’ve learned ourselves, and what we advise and provide to our clients, is to segment those parts of your business that you’re not an expert in and reach out to people who excel in those specific areas.

One example is website hosting. There are hundreds if not thousands of web hosting companies out there and when it comes to WordPress-specific hosting there has been an explosion in companies providing “Managed WordPress Hosting”.

This is the perfect scenario where one can see that companies have started to specialize in one thing in order to become the best and therefore the most respected and popular solution.

If you had the choice to manage your own website hosting server and all the technical requirements that entails, or the choice to pay a bit more per month for a hosting company that knows your specific software and has optimized their servers to perform with that software specifically, who is the best choice?

The answer is obvious.

The same concept applies to each area of your business. If you’re the expert, then it makes sense for you to manage that area of your business.

However, if you have to do a fair amount of research and management for any area of your business, doesn’t it make sense to reply on others who specialize in that area in order for you to ensure you have a solid business structure?

Relying on others also frees you (and your stressed, task-oriented mind) to focus on the things that you do best…

…building your business based on your specific expertise and passions.


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