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5 Traits of Successful Internet Business Owners

Are thinking about starting your own Internet business? Are you already well on your way to a self-sustaining life by running your own business online?

If you fall into either group above, you might be pleased to know that you’re in a select group of people who are taking charge (or have taken charge) of their lives by creating their own path to financial independence.

Although we’re all individuals of course, there are a few traits we’ve seen in independent Internet business owners we work with on a daily basis (including ourselves).

They Are Eternally Hopeful

To be a true Entrepreneur, you need to be completely convinced that what you’re doing is all worth it.

Of course, the logical side of you knows there’s a risk and that nothing is guaranteed to work (or sell), so it’s hope that keeps one pushing forward.

Hope is a core ingredient to any business venture.

That Also Means Delusional

Hope is another way of saying you’re a believer…in yourself. Many times this undying belief can cause a rift with family or friends who don’t see your vision.

Others might think you’re delusional, and to some degree, you probably are but that’s OK.

No one has ever become successful without dreaming of something bigger, and often seemingly unattainable.

They’re Willing to Depend on Others In Order to Take Action

This may seem counter-intuitive to being a headstrong believer who doesn’t listen to naysayers, but it’s another cor trait that makes all the difference.

Too many times we see business owners wanting to “do it all”, and guess what ends up happening?

They get stuck in minutia and don’t move forward as they could (and should) be.

You have to depend on the expertise of others in order to delegate and segment the creation and growth of the individual pieces of your business, whatever it may be.

As a simple example, If you need a blazingly fast website (like we do), what’s better for your business?

Learning how to use a top of the line caching plugin and all the available options, or just purchasing a hosting account on a fast and reliable host and paying a few extra bucks?

You know the answer.

They Keep Emotion Out of It

This is perhaps the toughest trait to keep in check.

Entrepreneurs are passionate people. Emotion is part of their core identity.

The type of emotion to keep out of the mix is the kind that causes you to make decisions about your business that are based on relationships, rather than hard data.

It’s tough. You don’t want to disappoint your friends or colleagues who are pushing for a different path or a certain solution to a problem, but you also can’t base your business decisions on “niceties”.

Analyze and dig into whatever data is available to you, and make an educated decision.

They Move Forward at All Costs

This is directly related to the emotion trait above.

Let’s assume you’ve looked at the data and made your best guess at what action to take on a certain aspect of your business.

Then you track that data (and decision) and discover you were wrong.

What’s your next move?

Swallow your pride and try something different…as fast as you can.

Once you discover something about your business isn’t working, or isn’t getting you the results you need, change it.




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