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Building Customer Trust and Confidence with Your Website Security

Open Chrome. Or Firefox. Or Opera, Safari, Brave, or whatever browser you normally use. Type in the address of your own website and hit the return key. If yours is a secure website, a little green padlock icon appears next to the address bar. If yours is an unsecure website, you get a red padlock. read more

A/B Testing – When to Say When

A/B testing; also known as multivariate testing, is the testing of two versions of a web page – an A version (the control) and a B version (the variation) — with live traffic and measuring the effect each version has on your conversion rate. We’ve been performing A/B tests since the launch of our new design, but read more

The Metrics Made Me Do It Even Though I Didn’t Want To

I often find myself taking action when things “feel right”. You could  call it intuition or simply being stubborn, but as an entrepreneur, I’ve found that many times it works to put my business in the position to grow. However, this isn’t always true. Some decisions need to be made based solely on hard data metrics and read more