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Great Customer Service Training Starts with Lessons in Communication

Are great customer service representatives born or made? Valet thinks some are indeed born with a natural flair for helping solve the problems of others. All the rest become great as a result of great customer service training, the WordPress website wellness company says. And great customer service training is something in which Valet takes read more

Does Logging Into Your WordPress Dashboard from a Public Wi-Fi Pose a Website Security Risk? Unlikely, Says Wired

Website security ranks high up on the list of things that make for a healthy online property. Accordingly, Valet devotes much effort to helping you keep your site as secure as possible. Mostly, that involves looking for weaknesses that hackers could potentially use to carry out their evil plans. But it also involves reminding you read more

Customer Service Humility: A Skill that Serves You and Your Enterprise Extremely Well

You perhaps recall that we earlier discussed two foundational skills needed for awesome customer service. Today, we talk about one more. We call it “customer service humility.” Customer service humility is exactly what it sounds like. It’s you taking a humble stance in your dealings with the world on behalf of your company or organization. read more

Do This 20 Minutes Every Day to Better your Business

If I told you there were three simple things you can do every day to make your business better, would you believe me? We’ve all seen the late night infomercials…30 minute workouts, 8 minute abs, 3 minutes this and 4 minutes of that. It all sounds like marketing hype and to some extent it is, read more

Better Remote Working Habits

I’ve been working remotely for over three years. As in, I work from various places which aren’t an office. In that time I’ve learned some habits that work for me and some remote working habits that don’t. In this post I’ll discuss both. Transitioning to Remote Work Can Be Difficult Several years ago I was read more