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24/7 Website Support. Mandatory or Myth?

24/7 is a standard sales pitch these days. You can get nearly anything you want 24 hours a day. You can get a meal, a pair of socks, dog food, or a shed for your backyard. If you can’t walk into a store and buy it, you can find online. Add to cart, click to read more

Choose Wisely: The Right WordPress Host is One that Supports Your Website’s Health

Choose the right WordPress host if you want your website to be one that people love visiting. Why does the hosting company you use matter? Because the right one helps keep your website’s health in the pink. And if your website brims with good health, that means few or no problems with security, speed, and read more

Things That Can Cause You to Have Website Performance Problems

  Website performance problems bedevil you. You realized this after it became obvious to you that people visiting your site never really do what you hoped. Few ventured from page to page, meaning few discovered all that you offered. Few read your content and absorbed your ideas or embraced your suggestions. Few clicked the links read more

Site Health Measurement Tools You Can Use On Your Own (But Beware—They Have Limitations)

If you read our previous post on site health you understand the benefits of striving for a healthy website. And hopefully what you learned made you eager to achieve site health. So much so that you now want to probe your online property’s innards with a bunch of futuristic software tools. Mabe you even want to read more

Why your WordPress website needs a GDPR audit fast

GDPR audit. You likely need one if you operate a blog. Or a website, a newsletter, an e-commerce store, or anything online that harvests user data. And you’ll need that GDPR audit soon, like yesterday—because Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (that’s what GDPR stands for) went into effect May 25. So you better find out read more

The Evolution and Benefits of the Remote IT Department

It’s well known in our industry that IT departments have changed drastically in their organizational structure over the last decade. Although some traditional IT departments still exist, many enterprise level companies are learning important lessons from smaller startups and DIY business owners about how to streamline their IT needs. This is especially true for companies taking advantage of Open read more

Managing Client Expectations

Oh boy, another post about managing the expectations of clients and customers. Whoopee. You’ve heard a ton of advice before I’m sure, and I’m sure you’ve also experienced the situation where your expectations as a service provider did not match what your clients expected. In this post we’ll discuss a few things we’ve learned about being read more