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Great Customer Service Training Starts with Lessons in Communication

Are great customer service representatives born or made? Valet thinks some are indeed born with a natural flair for helping solve the problems of others. All the rest become great as a result of great customer service training, the WordPress website wellness company says. And great customer service training is something in which Valet takes read more

The Benefits and Dangers of Napping During Your Work Day

You know that feeling right after lunch or in the early afternoon business hours. The one that has you staring blankly at your computer screen or even pinching yourself in an effort to try and stay awake. Tiredness. Exhaustion. Ugh. You wish you could just take a nap. Well, you may know that in the read more

The 5 Best Resources for Managing your Todo Lists

I’m a list maker. I make lists for groceries, blog posts, product ideas, pretty much everything. The problem that I’ve run into time and again is in the follow up. I can make lists all day long, but what happens when those lists get buried in a text file on my hard drive or worse read more