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Building Customer Trust and Confidence with Your Website Security

Open Chrome. Or Firefox. Or Opera, Safari, Brave, or whatever browser you normally use. Type in the address of your own website and hit the return key. If yours is a secure website, a little green padlock icon appears next to the address bar. If yours is an unsecure website, you get a red padlock. read more

Things That Can Cause You to Have Website Performance Problems

  Website performance problems bedevil you. You realized this after it became obvious to you that people visiting your site never really do what you hoped. Few ventured from page to page, meaning few discovered all that you offered. Few read your content and absorbed your ideas or embraced your suggestions. Few clicked the links read more

The hidden dangers of using free site scan tools.

Site scan tools are becoming more and more popular. There are hundreds of services and free online entry points where you can gain insight and specific information on your website. While often helpful, these tools can lead the unsuspecting professional into needless anxiety. Pages of recommendations, suggestions, waterfalls of data, are all good things. In read more

A Perspective on the WordPress Philosophy Discussions

You could call this post “notes from an outsider”…only, I’m not an outsider anymore.  Yes, the majority of my professional career was spent doing very different work than WordPress, but to say I have no WordPress experience wouldn’t be true, I’m far from being a beginner. My name is Kimberly and I’m a co-founder and read more