Eric Dye

Concierge Support Rep

Eric has been wrangling websites since the late 90’s, and first met WordPress in 2009. With over 20 years of multimedia experience, he has a passion for bringing ideas to life by helping people communicate through online mediums.

As a Support Valet, he loves interacting with clients and ensuring they are cared for. He finds great satisfaction in following best practices and looking out for the client’s best interest. Always ready to learn something new, Eric prides himself as a “Jack of All Trades” and enjoys trying to make everything more awesome.

For several years Eric produced a nationally syndicated radio program that aired on over 900 radio stations and more recently owns and operates a top technology blog — running on WordPress of course.

Eric and his family have only recently returned to the United States, having lived in Italy for seven wonderful years. He loves his family, coffee, spicy food, and if you don’t find him sitting at his computer enjoying his work, you’ll find him sitting at his computer enjoying PC games.

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