Husain Tezabwala

Support Valet

As a kid, Husain was a shy introvert—yet always curious. He loved playing baseball and won awards as team captain. Web design caught his attention in his teenage years. In 2009, he started his first company, Zolute Internet Solutions Private Limited, to offer web design and hosting services.

Husain cares for our clients as a Support Valet. He is an expert at CSS, HTML, PageSpeed optimization and in-browser design.  While he enjoys working with a variety of tools, softwares and languages, his favorites include: Sublime Text, Photoshop CS6, HTML, CSS, WordPress.

Husain is native of Indore, India and enjoys working with Valet because of the work culture, the people, our process, and the emphasis on personal growth.

When not at his computer, he’s reading up on design, troubleshooting something, or listening to music. He enjoys a good chat about religion, relationships, tech, culture or politics.

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