Josh Shashaty

Lead Developer

Josh is the Lead Developer for Valet, and he also oversees our support team. His strengths are WordPress, PHP, Git, Javascript, creating custom features, clean code, integrating services, and consulting with clients. Josh has a long-term view of projects and continually works to future-proof all solutions we provide.

Josh started making websites as a kid on Geocities & Tripod. He eventually made sites for his Counter-Strike clans. (He says they weren’t perfect.) He played nine years of baseball—dreaming of becoming a professional baseball player, along with hockey and football.

During his teenage years, his competitive streak was amped up with a lot of Counter-Strike. (He later found out how to compete with computers…even better.) He went to college to for Finance, graduated, and spent 3+ years at a financial firm. He decided to circle back to his early love of web, and he began his journey to professional web development. Josh’s financial background and experiences helped hone his skills of analysis and logic, making him a tenaciously smart programmer.

Josh enjoys discussing what makes people tick, along with ways to make life easier & more enjoyable. His long-term goal is to be happy. He enjoys working with Valet because everyone is genuine, smart & comfortable working remotely.

Recent Articles

The WP Valet team loves building strong relationships in the community. It’s exciting to grow and work with new people. This month, we’re very happy to announce that Pantheon—a WordPress and Drupal hosting company—is now working with WP Valet as partner. To get things off to a smooth start, our team took a trip out to San Francisco…