Trey Praytor

Support Lead

Trey, a native Texan, traveled all across the southern US before settling down in sunny Sarasota, Florida with his beautiful wife and daughter. Along the way he’s become a bit of a generalist; connecting the dots in different fields to uncover new perspectives and insights.

Trey is the Lead of Support at Valet. He understands our support clients’ individual needs, and is a main touchpoint for our clients’ support communication. He ensures all our clients receive the Valet Experience.

In 2015, Trey also took the lead in transitioning Valet to Holacracy. He leads and coaches our team in Holacracy management to ensure the process is carried out company-wide, helping our teams run smoothly.

When he’s not helping clients align digital and business goals, you can find him building hardwood furniture in his garage. If you ever get the chance to meet him, don’t ask about hand planes—you’ll never hear the end of it. Whether it’s a new podcast, research paper, article or book Trey is alway in search of new and interesting ideas just in case they might come in handy one day.