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The 5 Best Resources for Managing your Todo Lists

I’m a list maker.

I make lists for groceries, blog posts, product ideas, pretty much everything.

The problem that I’ve run into time and again is in the follow up.

I can make lists all day long, but what happens when those lists get buried in a text file on my hard drive or worse yet, on a scrap piece of paper that gets thrown away by mistake?

You guessed it. Nothing happens.

I just end up with a list of good intentions, and that’s not enough.

So I decided to put an end to this foolishness and finally settle on one method for managing my todo lists.

Project Management is Overkill

First, I’d like to make it clear that I was concerned with simple todo lists, not project management. My daily work is within virtual teams and each uses it’s own communication and task making tools.

There are many great project management solutions out there including Basecamp, Asana and others, but these had a bunch of features I didn’t need.

My Favorite Todo List Solutions

My main requirements were…

Accessible from multiple devices
Simple to add tasks
Able to set up reminders


Workflowy Organization Tool

Workflowy is unique and more like a cross between a simple notes app and a very slimmed down project management tool. Have a look at the video below to see what I mean.


Wunderlist Online to do list

Wunderlist is probably the most well-known of the todo apps. They boast over 6 million users and the ability to share and collaborate with others.


Simplenote Notes Software

Simplenote is 100% free and is made by Automattic, a company you should know about if you use WordPress;)

Notes (on Mac)

How to use Notes on Mac

The Notes app already included on your Mac devices is a simple way to make and share lists. I started out using this for some time, but I really needed something just as simple, but with a few more features, like reminders.

Todoist (my favorite)

Todoist - Todo List and Task Management

Todoist is the todo list manager I’ve settled on for now. After trying all the methods above, this one just seemed the most intuitive to me.

Todoist is free, with a Pro version upgrade for only $29 for the entire year. You can see all the features that the paid version gets you right here.

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