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Our trip to WordCamp San Francisco 2014

We know WordCamp San Francisco is the WordCamp of all WordCamps. While Mason, our Co-Founder/CEO, had experienced the event before, the rest of us hadn’t.

So five of us from our team decided to head to the conference, rent a house (with a few other awesome friends attending the event), use Uber & Lyft to get around and town, and give San Francisco our all.

Our goal was to learn as much as we could, make new friends, and give back to WordPress in contributor sessions. We also just wanted to spend some good quality time together as a team (since we all work remotely). Below are some notable experiences and pictures.  Enjoy!

The presentations were solid.

WCSF 2014 featured many lightning talks—and fewer large presentations. This provided more time to chat and network in between talks. The event planning worked out pretty nicely!

wcsf2014 (17)

Then we experienced a fire alarm.  But it was handled quickly!

We visited the Automattic office to help make contributions.

wcsf2014 (15)

wcsf2014 (5)

We want to be more involved with BuddyPress / bbPress, so we went to bother the BuddyPress core team and submit a few patches.

wcs2014 (20)

We came home with tons of swag.  What you don’t see is the vast amounts of t-shirts and stickers collected.

wcsf2014 (10)wcsf2014 (14)

After Sunday’s event, we mingled with the SiteGround team at the Thirsty Bear.

Slack replacing IRC as the new chat platform for contributions to WordPress is huge for the community.

We found WordCamp Orlando’s 2013 t-shirt at Automatic’s office. It’s the green one in the center.

wcsf2014 (13)

We used Airbnb to rent a nice house next to Golden Gate Park.

wcsf2014 (12)

wcsf2014 (16)

We biked the Golden Gate Bridge.

wcsf2014 (11)


wcsf2014 (8)

wcsf2014 (6)

wcsf2014 (4)

From what we experienced, it’s fairly difficult to find bad food in San Francisco.  Everything we came across tasted great.  Andre also cooks a mean breakfast.

wcsf2014 (3)

wcsf2014 (9)

wcsf2014 (18)

wcsf2014 (7)

Our team loved the conference and exploring SanFrancisco. We’ll be back next year!

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