A brand is more than just logos, colors, and copy. It's an entire story, a narrative, and the expectation given to consumers. Valet, formerly WP Valet, has evolved a lot in the past few years. And to effectively tell the story of who we are and what we're doing in the market now, we knew it was time for a rebrand.

If you've ever updated your online profile, written yourself a bio, or heck—just introduced yourself in an elevator to someone, you know the challenge of finding the right words to explain who you are. We embraced that challenge with our new branding, and our team dove in headfirst to create a brand identity that effectively expresses Valet.io in 2016.

Today Valet offers incredible digital partner services to our clients, and we've come a long way. While we're proud of our heritage as the original WordPress support company, we're now (& have been for several years) a full-service agency providing a wide range of high-caliber support services, digital marketing, design, custom development, and our sweet spot—strategy. Our true passion is crafting long-term solutions.

Origin Story: The Original WordPress Support Company

WP Valet was founded in 2012 by Mason James to fill a hole in the WordPress market. He saw the need for a high-caliber WordPress support company to ensure site owners always had their strategy, insights and website support needs met, so they could operate their businesses—worry free.

WP Valet certainly accomplished its goal to provide ongoing support, and blew it out of the water. (We've been recognized as an industry leader in high-caliber WordPress support and strategy for years.) Happy clients come back, and when they did, they asked for more services. While support was its original focus, Valet quickly grew to provide a wider range of services.  To expand the design and development department, WP Valet merged with Easily Amused Inc. in 2013.


Who We Are Today

Today, Valet is focused on holistic care of our clients. We won't just sell a website or a support plan. Our core service is to research and understand who our clients are, what they need, and what success means to them—then present them with long-term, intelligent solutions. We care deeply about the how, the why & the business goals.

 We work as parters with our clients, and truly comprehend the needs and challenges of everyone we engage with.

Valet is a team of industry leaders with decades of experience in this arena. You'll see our faces at industry leading conferences around the world. Part of our rebrand goal was to show off our dynamite team and help clients get to know everyone they'll work with when they partner with us.

What Our Rebranding Says

A main goal of our rebranding was to communicate our successful transition well beyond our WordPress support heritage. Today Valet competes in markets that include branding and identity creation, web development, migrations, strategic management, content management, and digital marketing—all focusing on helping clients connect with their users at the perfect moment with the right information.

The rebrand aligns our image with what our service has been the past couple years. Half of our sales calls were educating clients, so by educating clients from our website—we're also qualifying them.

We want clients to know exactly what we do from the moment they see our website.

Before / After

Modern Elegance, High-end Work

To clearly communicate our current identity to clients, we went through our own process of research and development, planning, strategy and design.

Logo. We designed a logo and website to evoke modern elegance, diversity, and the elite service of the Valet brand. The elegant layout communicates the quality of service we provide—it's always high-caliber and specialized for each client.

Typeface. The new typeface lends a modern, clean look—reflective of our team's dedication to use the best technology, and offer future proof solutions.

Tagline. Valet's new tagline is "Solid code, beautiful design, big results" which invites clients to engage with Valet to open up greater opportunities for success with broader technology solutions. Originally a support company, Valet is now referred to as a “digital partner” since we help clients grow every aspect of their business.

Focus on Strategy. What sets Valet apart from the crowd is our Discovery Audit planning services. Each project goes through an in-depth research stage to explore every aspect of a client’s business goals.

Goals Our Rebrand Accomplished:

  • Show clients we understand their needs.
  • Ensure our brand reflects internal changes at Valet.
  • Communicate our capabilities.
  • Show off our design team's phenomenal abilities!
  • Introduce our Discovery Audit services.
  • Explain the high-caliber of service & treatment clients can expect from us.


New Face, Same Core Values

While the brand, tagline and logo have changed to better represent what Valet is today, Valet's core values & capabilities are the same—premium support, online strategy, custom design and development, migrations and digital marketing. Our deep industry expertise remains unique, enabling us to develop long-lasting and rewarding client relationships.

Mason James, our Founder & CEO, put it well when he said “The evolution of our brand identity shows off Valet’s wide range of capabilities. We don't want clients to be surprised when we tell them we do high-end design work or that our focus is on strategy. The rebrand communicates that we are a powerful, proven, and progressive team at the center of ongoing support and development services. It shows the world our capabilities.”

Official Press Release: 
Valet Unveils New Logo & Website, Revealing a Wide Range of Capabilities