We are in the website maintenance industry with a focus on WordPress powered sites. In this post, I'm going to point out the top three things we focus on to ensure our business runs smoothly and continues to grow.

Client Communication

It doesn't matter if your business focus is WordPress maintenance and management , or if you sell custom made hula hoops. Communication with your clients and customers should be a #1 priority.

We recently audited ourselves by having people sign up for our services and document the entire process from initial contact all the way through to completion.

It was a great exercise and by doing so we discovered several areas where we could (and needed to) enhance our communication with our customers.

The more your customers know about exactly what to expect, the more comfortable they feel, and therefore you gain more trust for the long term.

Team Communication

During this self-audit, we also discovered a few gaps in our team communication process.

We use a variety of tools to keep our individual client tasks organized including HipChat, Desk, QuickBase, and good 'ole shared Google Docs.

We've also built our very own integrated system (code named backbone) that will serve both as our internal communication hub and for use by our clients right within their own Dashboards. More on that in the coming weeks.

With all these tools needing to work hand-in-hand, we found that some communication within the team was getting a bit buried. Not only that, but necessary information for completing tasks was getting difficult to find.

We're working to correct and streamline all of that data into one unified source.

Automated Processes

As you might have guessed by now, the two points above require time, and lots of it.

In order to continue to grow at the amazing rate we're currently seeing, it's been necessary to automate as many of our internal and external processes as we could.

Our business was built on a "hands-on" approach to WordPress management and maintenance, and that will never change.

However, by evaluating how our current flow of communication was working and combining that with the available options for automation in our existing toolset, we were able to provide a much better experience for our customers and our team.

Photo by krossbow