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Looking for Meaningful Metrics? Meet Our New Product: Valet Dashboard

Recently I made the bold statement that you absolutely should not hire a company to provide WordPress maintenance for your website.  It’s something I’ve thought about a lot, and I’m glad to finally get the discussion going online. We received great comments and feedback from the post already.  If you haven’t read it yet, check it out here.

Meaningful Metrics for Everyone

Most of us agree a primary goal for any business is to see improvement. So let’s talk about how we achieve this. It’s no easy task. Different businesses have different key performance indicators (KPIs) specific to their company and their niche. However, all businesses look for a return on their investment (ROI). That is, business owners want to ensure that every dollar spent yields $2 (or $10 or $20, etc) in return.  Thus, they make more money than they spend and turn a profit.

Great. Thanks, Mason, for the Business 101 summary. How does this play into getting my plugins updated regularly, deciding when to re-theme my site, or rebrand my online presence?  My answer—quite simply—is the same as my previous post:

You can’t change what you don’t measure.

Your first goal is to get meaningful metrics about your business and find context for whether or not the results are good. There’s actually a ton of data, rules, philosophies, and opinions about which metrics should be used and what that data means. We decided to help you sort it out.

Introducing… the Valet Dashboard

Today is announcing a new client dashboard. It’s available to all of our clients (regardless of pricing tier). It provides a valuable way to track your website’s performance across four keystone pillars for success: Speed, Usability, Traffic, and Conversions.

Over the upcoming weeks, we’ll delve into what each of those pillars really mean, why and when each pillar is important, and how we determine the important metrics for each area. We’ll also explain how to create context and targeted values.

The ultimate goal is to provide our customers with the ability to log in to the Valet Dashboard and discover real, current metrics on their site’s performance and answer key questions such as: How has my site improved over time? Is this improvement meeting my overall goals? And (critically important), What action can I take to quickly iterate and improve my site to see real results?

Website Metrics Valet Dashboard

Valuable (& Affordable) Resources

Here’s the deal though. While you don’t want to simply maintain your website, you may not have the resources to keep an entire pit crew around making sure your site is running at peak performance.  What’s the answer? You need an intelligent team of people adjusting, measuring, and tweaking the needle a bit for you—aiming to meet your weekly goals. The Valet Dashboard offers our customers the ability to have a self-driving website.  Sit back, and relax with peace of mind, knowing your site is getting the best care. Observe real metrics that show results—and a positive impact on your bottom line.

This is really an exciting time for Valet customers. The Valet Dashboard idea has been in development for several years, and we’ve already been proactively monitoring a lot of this data on behalf of our clients. So when you log in, don’t be surprised to see 3, 5, or 8 months of history already in your client dashboard!

Valet Dashboard offers our customers the ability to have a self-driving website.

We Want Your Feedback!

Some of the numbers might be overwhelming, so we’re looking for feedback from our customers. Which numbers resonate the most? What would you like to see in a singular interface?  Your candid feelings are welcome!

Right now, the Valet Dashboard provides our customers with the ability to track lots of valuable information, including:

  • All open support tickets.
  • A review of all closed tickets.
  • When your next scheduled consultation will take place with a Valet team member.
  • Reports on the history of plugins.
  • Reports on themes and core WordPress updates since you became a Valet customer.
  • Design & Development work sprint history.
  • Active projects with a progress bar to keep a pulse on development.
  • Completed projects to review how the process went.
  • History of your Valet account & users added.
  • Billing and financials.
  • Tons or other useful stuff you will see when you log in!

Need Insights? We’ve Got Solutions.

Are you a marketing director searching for a team to bring your digital strategy to life? Valet is ready to jump in and help. If you’re a technology officer who knows how vital data reporting and fail-safe procedures are, our skilled team can care for the success and stability of your website. And with the new Valet Dashboard—you’ll have all the information you need to prove ROI and have peace of mind that your site is successful.

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