Website Speed Assessment

Your website is one of a kind. You won’t get what you need from cookie cutter scan tools. Valet uses the most current information, strategy-based analysis, and an actual person to assess your unique website.

Have you ever thought, “my website feels slow…” ?

A simple web search for ‘my WordPress website feels slow’ yields a lot of results. The first half a dozen are advertisements for hosting companies followed by a deluge of generic blog posts. This may make you wonder, does hosting matter in the quest for a speedy site? Absolutely, but even with great hosting, you are still susceptible to website speed issues.

Perhaps you’ve used all the favorite scan tools and followed-up with many of the suggestions read online and you still can’t move the needle. Maybe you just have a general sense that things aren’t as fast as they used to be when clicking around. Or maybe you identify with many of our clients who simply don’t have the resources to deal with it or would prefer it to be handled by an experienced professional.

Where do you start looking for the right person? And how do you know their results are any more insightful than a DIY scan? How do you use any knowledge given to you to make sustainable changes and max out your ROI?

Website healthcare is like a pyramid. Security is the bottom foundational element. Stacked on top is Speed, then Usability, then Traffic, topping off with Conversions.

Website speed is one of the most critical components of your website, only rivaled by security.

Without speed, your usability, traffic, and conversions are at risk!

Our approach is comprehensive.

The complexity of available software add ons, extensions, and third-party services mean your website setup is going to be as unique as your thumbprint. So, you can understand why a generic test on a unique website won’t generate the details you need to make the useful changes that will make a difference. Our team has spent thousands of hours deep diving into various environments and websites understanding the relationship between code, website speed, and the way search engines see your website. Therefore we understand how any single component setting can create a domino effect with your website speed.

Valet carefully collects data on and analyzes the following for both desktop and mobile :

  • Your unique WordPress installation
  • User browser response analytics
  • Loading processes for visitors
  • Compression Metrics
  • Caching operations
  • Effective CDN usage
  • Hosting impact on the overall environment

When everything is complete you receive a full written explanation of why we looked at each item, the overall observations from our team, and recommendations for remediation.

In other words, we take the time to look at the website with our own eyes. We compare our testing and data gathering to the current topics and trends in website speed. Then we explain what we were looking for, and why. When it’s all done you get to read up on what we find and what you should be doing about it.

“We use this same speed assessment as we do with our own clients.
It helps us to create a roadmap for their long term success.
Now you can benefit from the same expertise with no monthly plan required.”

Website speed is not simple. With the plethora of scan tools and ‘optimization professionals’ available, it’s easy to get misled or overwhelmed. That’s why we focus on how speed fits into your big picture specifically.

We understand the importance of website speed and how it supports the rest of your website operations. Our entire website health approach is based on this idea. It’s the only way to ensure that your website stays healthy amongst the shifting tides of technology.

Choose Your Depth

Level 1Level 2Level 3
3 Pages*
Desktop & Mobile
3 Pages*
Desktop & Mobile
3 Pages*
Desktop & Mobile
First Byte TimeFirst Byte TimeFirst Byte Time
Keep AliveKeep AliveKeep Alive
Compress Transfers Compress Transfers Compress Transfers
Effective CDN useEffective CDN useEffective CDN use
Cache EvaluationCache EvaluationCache Evaluation
Hosting AssessmentHosting AssessmentHosting Assessment
Query MonitoringQuery Monitoring
Paint Metrics & AnalysisPaint Metrics & Analysis
7 day Speedcurve monitor
Front End Diagnostics

*Additional pages can be added. Price varies per level.

All Assessments are delivered with a written explanation, observations, and comments from a full-stack developer. You will receive a document upon completion of the assessment containing all the findings and recommendations.

Purchase of this Assessment does not require you to hire Valet to fix the things we find. You’re welcome to take the document anywhere you choose. Should you be interested in having us help you with the remediation tasks we’d be honored to do so.

Want to read more about our approach or the terms used above? We’re happy to answer any questions prior to any work we engage in together.

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