If you're like me, you love WordPress and all the possibilities it affords your business website and blog but you struggle when creating a simple (good looking) image to use for your call to action buttons.

There's a new free plugin available for WordPress buttons named Forget About Shortcode Buttons that you might want to utilize on your site.

The Problem with Shortcode Button Plugins

As you may know, there are a plethora of WordPress shortcode plugins available, both free and paid. Many of these offer great solutions for creating buttons, tabs, accordians, and more.

I'm focusing just on buttons, and there's an inherent problem with creating buttons in WordPress using a shortcode plugin.

And that problem is that most of us look at things visually, and are not familiar with interpreting shortcodes and visualizing how a button created with a shortcode will actually look on the frontend on our site.

Creating a button with a shortcode forces us to have to constantly click the "Preview" button for our posts or pages to make sure the shortcode button we're creating actually looks the way we want.

It's time consuming and not intuitive.

The Problem with Using Images for Buttons

Before the popularity of creating buttons with shortcodes, there was always the option of using an image for a button. Insert an image, enter a link url, you're done.

The issue I've experienced, and I'm betting that you have too, is that I am not a designer so I've had to rely on paying designers to create the images for use as buttons. Either that, or purchase and download some button image library that still forces me to open Photoshop, GIMP, or some other graphics editor to try and tweak the colors to match my site design.

Again, a lot of legwork just to create a simple decent looking button.

A Visual WordPress Button Plugin Solution for the Rest of Us

I was extremely happy to discover that I wasn't the only one suffering from the lack of shortcode visualization and designer skills when it comes to WordPress buttons.

WordPress Buttons Plugin
A Visual Way to Add WordPress Buttons to your Site

The fine folks at Designs and Code were aware of these same issues and created the Forget About Shortcode Buttons plugin. Available for free on the WordPress repository right here.

How Does This Plugin Work?

Rather than write up a long and drawn out tutorial, I've found it best to simply watch the author's quick video that shows exactly how this plugin helps you create fantastic looking WordPress buttons easily.

Will You Add This WordPress Button Plugin to your Site?

Let us know in the comments...