Are You a WordPress Implementor?

The other day Tom McFarlin hit a nerve in the WordPress community, at least for me personally.

He offered a new definition of long standing segment of the WordPress user base. Implementors.

I Am Not a WordPress Developer

Jeff at the WP Tavern reported on Tom’s post and summed up how I feel about this new term pretty nicely…

Just because I’m able to take existing pieces of a puzzle and put them together to make a complete WordPress website, doesn’t mean I’m a developer. However, the term implementor describes me quite well and has a nice ring to it.

You see, I’m not a developer in the traditional sense either. I can write HTML, CSS and a tad bit of PHP but not very well at all, and I’m certainly not proficient enough to write my own theme or plugin code from scratch.

I too rely on designers and programmers to create the tools and I use those tools to put the pieces together to create a solution I need for myself or for my clients.

A Majority of the Community?

How many times have you seen someone define themselves as something other than a WordPress “developer”?

Probably not very often.

Without knowing it, I actually defined myself as a WordPress Architect in the past when trying to accurately depict what my skills were. Little did I know, I was pretty close, but I like Tom’s definition better.

With over 20% of sites on the Internet powered by WordPress, I suspect that the portion of users who could call themselves Implementors is rather large.

How about you?

Are you an Implementor?

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