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A full suite of maintenance features that protects you from secure code backups, to malware scanning, to uptime monitoring, and beyond. Add on Support & Consultation for total peace of mind. No contracts. No vauge task based pricing.

The Original Maintenance Company

We started doing Maintenance over a decade ago. It was one of the first offerings we had as a company. Our development clients would leave happy then come back grumbling months later because things started breaking and quit working as well as they used to.

When we looked deeper we found that the reason our clients were having so much trouble was due to their not even the most basic of website maintenance. There were zero code updates, no backups, insecure user accounts, brute force attacks on their login pages and so much more. Each problem compounding another until things were moving along at a crawl.

Compounding the problem, our clients didn’t want to have to deal with any of the tasks we insisted would clear up the issues. They wanted to get back to work, they had businesses and organizations to attend to! That’s when we realized we need to standardize WordPress Website Maintenance services so that our clients and others like them could get back to what they do best while we handled the critical ongoing care.

We’ve curated the tools and understand the code so deeply that we were able to curate a list of the MUST HAVES for WordPress Maintenance. On top of that, we’ve managed to keep it affordable because we believe in setting better standards and making them available to everyone.

The Valet Maintenance Plan :

Incremental Offsite Backups – Each change to your website triggers a secure off-site backup of your website. These are kept for 30 days so that we can restore all of your hard work, even if your host has a catastrophic failure.

Core Software Updates – WordPress Core Code Updates as soon as they become available.

Plugin Updates – We update all plugins for you, including Premium Plugins every two weeks if there are no vulnerabilities reported.

Immediate Plugin Vulnerability Updates – We continuously monitor the daily reports on software vulnerability and will trigger a manual update the instant we hear of anything that may affect you.

Extended Functionality Support – our services cover E-Commerce, Membership, and other Premium Plugins

Staging Site Maintenance Workflow – All updates are tested first on a staging site so you don’t have to worry about updates bringing down your website.

Visual Regression Testing – A combination of tools and humans test staging updates against the front pages of the live version of your website, to minimize the risk of even small issues being missed

Cloudflare CDN – Set up your first line of defense to stop hackers and prevent DDoS attacks. Utilize caching through CDN to ensure that even if your site goes ‘down’ the last saved version is always available to your visitors.

Continuous Security Scanning – Firewall Protection and Daily Scans for malicious code and malware. We are alerted the instant anything is detected.

Uptime Monitoring – We ping your site continuously to see if it is up and running. Downtime is rare but our team is notified immediately whenever an uptime issue occurs.

Regular Reporting – Receive emails with updates on your website maintenance as well as access to a Dashboard where you can check the history of your website health.

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We Know Website Health.

We’ve spent years mapping out what a healthy website looks like. Our hierarchy of site healthcare is the guide to making sure your website stays at the top of its game.

The Valet Maintenance Plan covers all the essential things you need to cover the Security of your website.

Some of our favorite tools:

What’s different about Valet?

Our approach is client-centric! We work really well with folks who value communication and seek quality advice on the most effective ways to reach their goals.

Our plans are straightforward. You pay a flat fee for maintenance and you can add on support & management by the hour. No asterisks about what we cover or what we don’t, what code we will look at or what size jobs you can get done each month.

You always get top tier support. The human performing your updates and monitoring your site is highly experienced with WordPress. You will never have to wait through an escalation process to get your support query answered or to get personalized advice.

No Risk. No Contract.

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