Centric Consulting

Centric Consulting, a business consulting and technology firm helping clients tackle tough challenges, needed an intuitive WordPress experience with an easy-to-use admin & the ability to scale and grow.

Centric came to Valet in need of expert WordPress help—a re-theming, SEO enhancements, and a design refresh.

  • 700%

    Client inquiries increased 700% after the new site launch.

  • 50 hrs

    Reduced maintenance time for their site by over 50 hours annually.

  • 75%

    Cut down data migration time by 75%.

Strategic Content Management

When Centric came to us, they already had tons of content—articles covering 12 different industries and dozens of categories of technology and consulting topics. They needed a way to manage their content and allow contributors to securely add new articles and make copy updates to the site. A major goal of Centric’s new site was to modernize the technology behind it and make it easy to integrate marketing analytics tools for user activity tracking and split testing.

Planning for High Engagement

During the discovery phase, we collaborated with Centric's leadership team to create a project plan for the re-theming. After studying Centric’s site and learning their pain points, we decided to focus on a build that would increase user engagement and new client inquiries.

Our Execution: Building an Intuitive Site and Workflow

During production, we held weekly client planning meetings with the Centric team, along with daily scrum meetings to review progress. We delivered a new content management workflow to the Centric team, making it easy for both new and experienced users to publish content without posing a security risk or endangering current content.

Centric loved the level of technical communication with the Valet team. They were trained via video conferencing and screencasts before launch to make sure the entire team felt comfortable with the new site, and always felt in the know on where the project stood. "Weekly meetings and frequent touch points not only helped to complete the project faster, but it also ensured that every box was checked so we didn't miss anything. It became a true team effort," says Misty Walsh, Leadership Lead.

"Centric has been working with Valet for the past few years and just completed a large project that required a significant amount of custom development work and WordPress expertise. The end result exceeded our expectations. When we need them, Valet is there to help and to do the job well. That peace of mind is hard to come by. Thank you!"

- Mike Brannan, Vice President, Technology Solutions Services

The Results: the Brand-New Face of Centric

In a few short months, we planned and executed a complete re-theming of the Centric site, building it with the latest security measures and technology. We also made the site holistically compatible with WordPress. This greatly increased the site's stability, ease of maintenance, and ease of future functionality additions. We added jQuery modifications to search and fly-out menus, which gave the site modern polish. During our content migration, we organized 700 blog posts and eight custom post types into a stunning and well-organized interface.

Training was a critical factor in the success of Centric?s engagements with Valet. We focused on communicating with their team, learning their process, and making sure their administrators had the tools to accomplish their jobs effectively, so the new site would serve them well in the long run. Giving the Centric team full access to custom aspects of the admin interface means their team can now easily modify all areas of the site.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Complete Re-Theming of Design
  • Converted 700+ Blog Posts into 8 Custom Post Types
  • Faceted Search & Cross-Filterable Search
  • Ability to have Dynamic Sidebars
  • Responsive Design with Ability to Edit on-the-go
  • Improved SEO
  • Education & Technical Training

We left the Centric team well equipped to grow their business goals, building them a site that helped new leads skyrocket..

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