Mixergy inspires entrepreneurs by providing valuable advice from people who’ve been in their shoes. The site features hundreds of interviews with leaders of successful startups, sharing stories of their wins and losses. Mixergy needed a site that would support their membership base and create opportunities for growth.

Aging Code vs. Growing Membership

Mixergy came to Valet because they were hitting a ceiling with their current technology. They needed to better allocate resources and improve performance to support their growing subscription member base. The software handling their membership subscriptions was a complex resource hog, they had speed issues, and their legacy code was à la 1999—they needed to come into 2014.

In keeping with their "bootstrapping mentality", they had a tendency to get projects done quickly, but their quickly executed code often lacked cohesion. The site was in a precarious "house of cards" situation, and it needed to be cohesive in order to grow and expand.

Mixergy also wanted to improve their conversion rates. However, due to the instability of the site, conversion tools couldn't safely be used. There was no clean method to try new ideas.

  • 10,000

    Mixergy serves over 10,000 subscribers

  • 66%

    Reduced theme templates needed by 66%

  • 1,800

    Converted over 1,800 interviews, courses & posts

The Solution: A Full-Scale Website Redesign

Mixergy needed a full-scale redesign from the inside out. We worked with their team to craft a customized, comprehensive content strategy. It included key positioning pages, well-planned content, and strategically planned information architecture to provide a seamless user experience. To address their important mobile user base, we made the new site fully responsive.

Since Mixergy’s main offering is the experience of watching and reading interviews online, we focused on creating fast, seamless interactions with users. We developed a framework to start building tools. This included a combination of Underscore and Foundation technologies, making the site mobile responsive. We created cohesive code in the theme, making it easy to extend.

Bringing Clarity and Cohesionto the Design

Mixergy had no standard design documentation, so we focused on designing a site with common elements and a system for adding fresh content in a cohesive way. We brought everything into WordPress, developed standard styles and variations for each content type, and greatly improved the load times by following best practices for media optimization.

Adding Stripe to MakePayments a Breeze

To resolve payment issues, our team converted Mixergy to Stripe, with a modern API that could smoothly handle their billing. We integrated the plugin with the code, and since the Stripe support within the plugin was not yet complete, we also dove in and fixed Stripe's plugin code. This involved our team collaborating with the core plugin team at Stripe to implement fixes.

"Valet is like my CTO and Tech Department. If anything breaks on my site, or if I have an idea for something new to add to it, all I have to do is email the team and they make it work."

Andrew Warner Founder

The Results: A Site Set for Rapid Growth

Mixergy's new website is lightning fast, stable, modern, and positioned for continued growth. Mixergy was so pleased with our efforts and the results, they even put a widget for Valet on their site.

One of the best outcomes for Mixergy's business has been the ability to track visitors and have a solid plan in place to manage conversion funnels. With a stable site, the founders can now try new ideas for growth and see traffic increase.

In addition to looking beautiful, Mixergy's new website redesign is a powerful marketing tool—and it promises to stay that way.

Technologies we used:

  • Brand New Theme
  • Foundation
  • New CPTs
  • Integration with Courses & Interviews
  • SEO Enhancements
  • Stripe Integration

Our Process Includes:

  • On-Boarding
  • Discovery & Planning Phase
  • Weekly client planning
  • Daily scrum meetings
  • Weekly reports & project summaries
  • Dedicated Account Manager and Project Manager
  • Screencast documentation for any questions
  • Agile Development Process
  • Client training & off-boarding

We made an online platform to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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