Treating Pain

Treating Pain connects people in pain with local specialist doctors who can help. Their site needed to be effortless to use.

Our Challenge

Treating Pain came to us to build a site that would truly guide their audience.

Visitors to Treating Pain are looking for answers. They want to know why they hurt, what treatment options are available, and where to find a good doctor. They want to read success stories of other people in similar circumstances.

Treating Pain wanted to show visitors the closest pain clinics via zip code detection—so visitors would automatically see doctors nearby. This site also needed to showcase doctors specializing in specific treatments, and communicate how effective these doctors are at helping their patients.

Visitors want to hear real-life success stories. This required organizing content management to display stories related to relevant doctors, conditions, treatments and locations. These success stories explain which treatments each doctor used effectively. Organizing and succinctly communicating all this was no small task.

Quick and easy appointment requesting was the end goal. So while complex organization happened behind the scenes, the user experience had to be effortless.

  • 75%

    Increased organic traffic by 75%

  • $120,000

    Client's $120K annual marketing spend can now be reallocated.

  • 63%

    Increase in new lead conversions.

A Doctor — Patient Connection

Treating Pain connects people in pain with doctors who can help.

"Where do you hurt?" Treating Pain's doctors listen carefully and recommend treatments without surgery. is educating people about options and helping them find nearby specialty doctors with success stories treating specific treatments.

Our Painless Solution

We planned a suite of solutions to help connect visitors with treatments

Locating Users.

A critical element for success was connecting visitors to local specialists. To tackle the location functionality, we identified the best geo-targeting solutions. Our team used two different APIs for zip code detection; one to detect a visitor's zip code, and another one to calculate the distance from each pain clinic. This enabled visitors to see the closest local pain specialists.

Robots to the rescue.

The appointment functionality on the old site was very manual and needed to be updated. We created a custom system that would route appointments automatically to the correct network and specific doctors, based on the visitor's location. We then integrated the zip code detection into the Gravity Forms API.

Content in need of management.

We also carefully tied variables together in complex relationships. For example, treatments are tied to specific conditions, and success stories are related to people benefiting from treatments. Carefully structuring these relationships made the site a valuable research tool for people in pain looking for real-life examples of others who match their symptoms. The new site shows which local doctors specialize in which treatments.

Body image communicates.

Our designers created a custom illustrated body map, which helps visitors to navigate the areas where they hurt. We also included widgetized category menus. The end result is clear navigation that's easy to use.

laptop-icons-left site-screenshot
Dr. Aneesh Singla

"The Valet team has done excellent work in developing, launching, and continuously refining to help our practices reach and educate consumers in pain. I find our website very user-friendly, easy to navigate and state-of-the-art with interactive tools, videos and patient education materials. Many thanks!"

Aneesh Singla, M.D., M.P.H., Executive Physician at National Spine & Pain Centers

Our Results

Treating Pain is now helping people find local pain specialists and quickly schedule appointments.

Our team worked closely with the Treating Pain staff, managing hundreds of moving pieces along the way. Each day we prioritized and evaluated features with an Agile approach, incorporating client feedback and ensuring nothing in the project’s scope was overlooked. The business value of the new site is evident by the tremendous savings in paid search dollars.

Organic traffic greatly increased with the new site launch, and continues to grow. More than just a facelift, the new website is demonstrating measurable ROI and saving Treating Pain money on advertising costs. Valet is already in production for the next phase of work with Treating Pain. The end result is a very happy client and a great name for Valet in the industry.

We built the next generation of pain treatment help online.