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WP Valet Expands into Physical Domain with Literal Valet Services

After two full years of providing excellent services for WordPress maintenance, we’ve got a lot to think about.  We’ve listened to our customers and taken their feedback to heart.

Customers have told us they love the speed, convenience, and worry-free maintenance that WP Valet provides for their WordPress websites, but were still really frustrated with was the lack of similar solutions in their daily commute.  We aren’t known for being passive when it comes to meeting our customer’s needs and decided to take action!

That’s why today we’re pleased to announce WP Valet’s Valet Services. In a “hopeful” partnership with Uber, our initial offerings include services to theaters and restaurants, with plans to expand into grocery stores in 2nd half of this year.  Phase one is limited to the continental US only but international offerings are definitely on the roadmap.

We’re going to be taking the best practices in WordPress development and apply them to the automotive industry.  Customers can expect reports with new AEO Results (Auto-Engine Optimization) and our patent-pending aSaaS model (actual service as a service) will be used to ensure a quality experience for all customers.

It’s a clear win for customers and employees alike.  WP Valet, Trevor, is “excited about the new personal revenue stream from the potential tips”.

Beta-test customers are ecstatic!  “Finally! A company that addresses the problem of too many plugins loaded in my Lexus” said one very happy customer.

Accessing the service couldn’t be easier by using our mobile app brought to you by AppPresser.

WP Valet’s Valet Services – we’re literally taking you places.

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