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WP Valet Introduces: The EasyPass

tollboothThe WP Valet, like so many other companies in the WordPress space, is a distributed company. Most of us work from home, or the coffee shop, or the library, or the airport… Well, you get the picture. But here in Florida, I’m lucky that a bunch of our team live relatively nearby and so we can still get together every now and then and work collectively and collaboratively. It’s nice to have the opportunity to work alone or in a group. The different contexts have different energy and, I believe, that better work comes from this variability.

As a result of this type of situation, I often spend several days a month driving to Orlando and working with a few of our local team members over there. The drive isn’t too bad and is part of the variability that I mentioned. Taking me out of my routine in the house, I get time to think or listen to audiobooks in the car, and just convince myself that I have really great ideas.  One major annoyance, however, is all the stinkin’ tolls in Orlando.  I mean, who carries cash anymore? But I deal with it and make a special stop at an ATM before venturing off.

End of story? Not quite. Having some cash on hand is one thing, but many of the tolls in Orlando are exact change only. Really? Coins? I’m not even sure we should have any coins. Think how much fuel we could save by not having those armored cars delivering and picking up coins! Paper is so much lighter.  A few weeks ago I had to actually go through 3 tolls without paying – not because I didn’t have the money but because I didn’t have it in coins to pay properly. I suppose I can use one piece of paper, when I write a check for the tickets that I’ll probably get.

On the way home last time, I settled on my solution. Enter: the SunPass. The toll guys have created a simple way to make things faster and after the fiasco that weekend I totally signed up.  Now, I have a sticker on my windshield connected to a pre-paid account that automatically deducts the funds when I go through a toll.  When my account gets low (under $10) it automatically tops up the account again.  This way there’s always a balance available and I don’t have to worry about exact changes or pre-travel ATM stops.

Since we’ve been rolling out new systems are services here at WP Valet over the past two months, today’s announcement is one that I’m really excited about. Like all good services this one addresses a real pain point for our customers – getting new custom development completed in a timely fashion. As part of the cycle for most websites there needs to be new development.  Maybe a simple theme adjustment or a new plugin to bring in a new feature.  Regardless the process is the same: we scope it out, tap into the right developer, get the job done and submit an invoice.  What we’ve learned over the past year is that invoicing after the work is done creates a negative cash flow for us and can interrupt our ability to pay our (incredibly talented) developers. Additionally, our developers live all across the globe and some transfers can take days to complete.  The WP Valet EasyPass addresses these problems head on.

So I guess I’m saying there was a point to my story at the beginning. The WP Valet EasyPass works the same way as the toll system I described above.  Our customers can pay into an account ahead of time. When new work is commissioned and approved there’s no longer a delay waiting for money to be transferred, it can begin immediately.  As your balance is close to being depleted we’ll send you a note to replenish it.  This means one less barrier between our customers and completed development and more security for our developers.

The WP Valet EasyPass is live today. In fact, some of our customers have been using it for the past couple months and we’ve had a very positive response thus far.  If you’re not using it yet, hit us up and find out how you can participate and what benefits are available for your site.  Have another suggestion?  We’re always looking for ways to improve, let us know!

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