Describe your position at WPV and what you do.

My position at WP Valet is interesting. It’s fun, because I’m still the new guy and I’m learning more than I could tell you about the formula we have going. I say it’s fun because one day to the next right now I never know what exactly I’ll end up doing.

I started out doing just the basic migration that we offer here, and now I’m bringing clients on-board for our monthly plans. Even more recently I've been helping out with sales, so I'm definitely getting the ins and outs of the whole cycle that is WP Valet.

Love it.

What did you do prior to working at WPV?

Prior to working here at WP Valet, I was basically a delivery boy. I managed stores’ product and did stocking; all that boring general stuff. I could never find a job just for me.

Even before that, I did some small stuff here and there for blogs, small sites, etc. I handled some basic HTML and even wrote reviews in said blogs. I liked expressing my opinion while not being in your face, but being persuasive with my writing style.

When and how did you first get involved with WordPress?

I would have to say just this last year. I've seen WordPress sites in action before but… The opportunity I was given here at WP Valet enabled me to flip on my maximum learning switch.

I've learned so much in just a short time; I really wanted to sink myself into this and as I said previously, I have been dedicated to learning something so fascinating and achieving as working with WordPress feels. It only took me a couple weeks to grasp the basics and I learn something new every day, but hey- we all do.

What is the most important reason for regular WordPress maintenance?

The simplest way I can put it is: flow.

WordPress is constantly changing like the rest of everything in the universe, and I think this reason alone is enough to need to keep up with your interface, information, plugins, etc. There are new updates every day for something, for example. When you have the stuff that is most efficient and best aesthetically, it, well… works the best.

I've come to find that is why our motto here is what it is. When anyone has a site being maintained- they surely want, and need, peace of mind.

What has been your most challenging moment while working at WPV?

Hmm that’s a tough one. I can’t recall any specific moments that have necessarily been challenging, but I can say that there have been a couple times where I've felt nervous when handling a site and just knowing that I’m making vital changes to it- but that can also be a positive feeling. I can’t think of much else. I did have a couple clients that made me feel uneasy for sure. But you don't let things get to you.

What’s your favorite WordPress-powered site or project and why?

I heard was pretty awesome. But seriously- I can’t say I really have a favorite.

There have been a lot of cool ones that I have noticed or even worked on, but then there are really special ones like I'm going to jump on the train here as well- they really have a great purpose and are using WordPress in one of the best ways imaginable- to help those affected by Cystic Fibrosis. I think that’s really cool. Such a nice community to be a part of here.

What’s your favorite YouTube video as of today and why?

I can’t really think of any one video on YouTube that I could refer to. But I can give you a channel:

Vsauce is a man by the name of Michael Stevens, and he is good at what he does- captivating attentions and answering questions. I haven’t seen a bad video by this guy. He is super intellectual; he makes general knowledgeable videos, suitable for anyone.

Check him out.